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DrivingDiversity is a Professional Networking group that educates & connects Individuals and Businesses who are passionate about workplace Diversity through knowledge sharing, research & networking events. DrivingDiversity is a community and knowledge sharing platform which believes very strongly in equal opportunity for everyone within society and embraces all areas of Diversity including; Gender, Disability, Generational, Indigenous, Socio-Economic, Sexuality & Faith.

At DrivingDiversity we believe in promoting awareness and empowering, educating and supporting others to fulfill their true potential both professionally & personally. We are a platform for Individuals & Businesses to connect and share best practice and ideas. We also raise awareness of corporations that have compelling Diversity initiatives.

The passion and determination to make a difference is at the heart of what we do. We believe in your right to live a life you love and in living the most fulfilling life you can.


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Hello everyone. i am hariharan. to say about myself i am a very shy person. i find that blogs can voice all my thoughts that i can't convey myself.
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Founder & Director of Driving Diversity
My name is Rachana. This is a description of myself. this will be shown in my profle page.

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